Chart & Stethoscope


Thorough planning and out-patient clinic appointment makes forthcoming operation less stressful, safer and helps to understand important details of the admission, procedure itself and recovery. Family members and friends are welcome to participate. Apart from basic assessment ECG, X-ray and blood tests, cardiac patients usually have coronary angiography and ECHO study. Coronary angiography is an invasive assessment performed under local anaesthesia. It is carried out in a specialised intervention suite ( Cath-lab ) and it basically shows the blood flow through the arteries of the heart. An ECHO study is a non-invasive ultrasound scan of the heart. It assesses the heart muscle contraction and valve performance. Few more assessments might be necessary in specific situations, e.g. CT scan, lung function test or carotid scan etc. It is always of major advantage to visit your dentist prior the operation, it helps to prevent infection.

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